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Move Better.

Feel Better. 

One-on-one attention that gets you back in the game and back to your life.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"For 4.5 months I tried different types of treatments for my sciatica. Nothing eased it and the pain was awful. After three weeks of therapy with Dr. Ally, I am close to pain-free! She and Dr. Nate have dry needled me, flossed and scraped my nerves. It all sounds awful, but it is very relaxing, actually. Each visit I've improved. I thought I would need surgery, but now I'm hopeful that I won't!"
Jennifer, St. John, IN

"Attentive, thorough care. Advanced technologies with tips and tools I can use at home or my office. I appreciated how they took measurements before-and-after to measure my progress. The entire team, every doctor and staff member, created a warm, welcome environment. Did I mention I feel great too?"
Nicole, Crown Point, IN

We offer TelePT

Please call about our TelePT – our secure online video conference service. One of our therapists will meet with you face-to-face via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Dr. Alli with patient
Your Body is Made to Move

Your Body Is Made To Move.

At PhysioPoint, we believe your muscles, joints, and nerves should be challenged in ways that promote positive adaptation. We’ve all heard the negative results of a sedentary lifestyle; tight muscles, stiff joints, and annoying pains. Our treatments will help you move your body so you can enjoy your everyday life.

Your Dedicated Doctor

Your Doctor of Physcial Therapy will manage your individualized plan of care from start-to-finish. Your progress is closely measured and analyzed periodically to help us make slight adjustments to your program in order to keep you moving and feeling better. 

Every Insurance & Every Patient

We’re committed to working with anyone who finds value in our methods and expertise. And out of principle, we want to serve anyone who needs it. This means we accept all insurances. If we’re not in-network, we also offer a discounted cash rate.

We Can Show You How.

We have expert doctors of physical therapy who are certified and trained in specific areas for your situation. Have back, neck, muscle or nerve pain, or any other pain when you move your body? We can get results for you and we have a 98% satisfaction rate to prove it.

Our specialized care includes Sports Performance, Orthopedics, Manual Therapy, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Redcord Neurac®, Medical Exercise Therapy, Pilates, and Wellness.

Dr. Alli with patient

Don’t spend another day in pain,

spend it getting better with us!

You’re three steps away from feeling better.

Dr. Matt in evaluation

Call to schedule your evaluation

If you’re having symptoms, don’t delay. When left untreated, you could add days or weeks of therapy. During your first visit, we’ll provide a thorough evaluation and begin treatment. 

To get the best possible benefit we love to pick apart your movement on the first visit. This gives us a clear picture of how we can help you start moving and feeling better — in the long run!

Dr. Andy with RedCord Neurac patient

Get specialized, one-on-one care

You’ll work one-on-one with doctors who are certified and trained to help your specific situation. We’ll provide a customized, tailored treatment plan that may include Orthopedics, Manual Therapy, Trigger Point, Dry Needling, Redcord Neurac®, Medical Exercise Therapy, Sports Performance, Pilates, and Wellness.

Dr. Nate with patient

Stay on track

It’s normal after an injury or surgery for our clients to return for periodic check-ins. It’s similar to a check-up with your dentist (but better conversations!).  Is there weakness, tightness or alignment issues that may predispose you to injury or wear-and-tear? We’ll ensure the mechanics of your body won’t break down and we’re happy to find a regular interval that fits your busy schedule.

Meet Our Team

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