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Crown Point

1841 Summit Street
Crown Point, IN 46307

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Cedar Lake

12636 Wicker Avenue
Cedar Lake, IN 46303



2050 45th Street
Highland, IN 46322

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I came to PhysioPoint therapy having months of back pain that was causing me to lose sleep and hampered some of my movements throughout the day. I have seen Matt now for a couple of weeks, and my pain has subsided, and I can notice an increase in my overall flexibility. His knowledge is evident in how he explains what was causing my issue and what I need to do to manage this area in the future. I would recommend PhysioPoint to any person looking for help and will continue to use their services in the future."

Mark B

Crown Point, IN

"Came to PhysioPoint after an injury I had sustained. After an evaluation with Matt, I had a series of appointments lined up in no time, as well as some home exercises to work on in-between visits. Scheduling was easy, plus all insurance information was handled without issues! Every visit started with a detailed overview of what was to be addressed. I had an extremely positive experience at every single appointment! Everyone is sweet, positive, and energetic! Highly recommend this place!!"

Zoe G

Crown Point, IN

"Absolutely wonderful. Amazing staff and therapists. Polite, caring, and are so patient and accommodating when working around my chaotic work schedule. I highly highly recommend."

Tara B

Crown Point, IN

"I have a crazy work schedule and they accommodated me very well.
The aides are knowledgeable and studying to be healthcare professionals, which I think is an awesome experience, and kudos to the boss for allowing the opportunity. Caring and knowledgeable staff to guide me to my goals."

Tina B

Crown Point, IN

"I went to PhysioPoint with a slipped disk impinging on a nerve. Dr. Nat worked with me for a few months with dry needling and other things. This clinic has so much compassion and really cares about your future health. It was a long road of multiple steroid injections and physical therapy. Still, without the support of Physio Point, I would have probably have taken the road down surgery and ended up with more problems in the future. Thank you, Dr. Nat and staff, for helping physically and mentally during such a hard, painful time in my life!"

Yolanda K

Crown Point, IN

"Physio point is an excellent physical therapy facility. Very state-of-the-art equipment and excellent Physical Therapists. I highly recommend them. Going now after knee replacement surgery."

Janet G

Crown Point, IN

"A highly gifted professional, polished, and personal staff. Exemplary care is provided, and.....they actually give you time! It is NOT a cookie-cutter PT express cattle drive like so many places. You receive one-to-one full-hour sessions and sometimes even more. I am actually a registered nurse by profession, and I can clearly see the high level/standards practiced there. That is why I personally chose PhysioPoint for my own physical therapy needs, and I refer them to my patients and family as well. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Sherri L

Crown Point, IN

"Great facility and staff. Dr. Nate is very knowledgeable and always made me feel like my pain and I were important. This is my second visit in two years for back issues and I’m very glad I’ve gone. No surgeries, and now no pain."

Timothy M

Crown Point, IN

Dr. Nate is the best. He's so knowledgeable and thorough.

Abbas H

Cedar Lake, IN

Allison and Bri were amazing! Bri really took her time in accessing my issues and determining a treatment plan that worked! Everyone was kind, caring and the environment was relaxed and comfortable!

Melody B

Cedar Lake, IN

Matt is knowledgeable about the best plan for recovery and I'm feeling better than ever!

Eric S

Cedar Lake, IN
Healthy family enjoying time together.

Your Body Is Made To Move.

At PhysioPoint, we believe your muscles, joints, and nerves should be challenged in ways that promote positive adaptation. We’ve all heard the negative results of a sedentary lifestyle; tight muscles, stiff joints, and annoying pains. Our treatments will help you move your body so you can enjoy your everyday life.

Your Dedicated Doctor

Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will manage your individualized plan of care from start to finish. Your progress is closely measured and analyzed periodically to help us make slight adjustments to your program to keep you moving and feeling better.

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Every Insurance & Every Patient

We’re committed to working with anyone who finds value in our methods and expertise. And out of principle, we want to serve anyone who needs it. This means we accept all insurances. If we’re not in-network, we offer a discounted cash rate.


We Can Show You How.

Have back, neck, muscle, nerve, or any other pain when you move your body? We have expert doctors of physical therapy who are certified and trained in specific areas for your situation. We can get results for you, and we have a 98% satisfaction rate to prove it.

Our specialized care includes Sports Performance, Orthopedics, Manual Therapy, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Redcord Neurac®, Medical Exercise Therapy, Pilates, and Wellness.


Don’t spend another day in pain, spend it getting better with us!

You’re three steps away from feeling better.

Olympian and doctor of physical therapy Matt Gentry teaching client about the mechanics of the spine during an examination and first visit.

Call to schedule your evaluation

If you’re having symptoms, don’t delay. When left untreated, you could add days or weeks of therapy. During your first visit, we’ll provide a thorough evaluation and begin treatment.

To get the best possible benefit, we love to pick apart your movement on the first visit. This gives us a clear picture of how we can help you start moving and feeling better — in the long run!

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Get specialized one-on-one care

You’ll work one-on-one with doctors who are certified and trained to help your specific situation. We’ll provide a customized, tailored treatment plan that may include Orthopedics, Manual Therapy, Trigger Point, Dry Needling, Redcord Neurac®, Medical Exercise Therapy, Sports Performance, Pilates, and Wellness.

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Regular check ups with our doctor of physical therapy will help you maintain the success you gained in physical therapy.

Stay on track

It’s normal after injury or surgery for clients to return for periodic check-ins. It’s similar to check-ups with your dentist, but better conversations! Suffering from weakness, tightness, or alignment issues that predispose you to injury or wear-and-tear? We ensure your body mechanics won’t break down, and we’re happy to find intervals that fit your schedule.


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By working at the causes of pain rather than putting out the fire, you can find relief, become more comfortable, and be freed from the pain cycle. Learn more about how our team of highly qualified therapists with their assessment tools will help you manage your pain – so you can get back to doing what you love.