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4 Convenient Locations to Get You Moving Better and Feeling Better


Crown Point

1841 Summit Street
Crown Point, IN 46307

Grey Beige Cedar Lake PhysioPoint Physical Therapy Building Front

Cedar Lake

12636 Wicker Avenue
Cedar Lake, IN 46303



660 W Morthland Dr.
Valparaiso, IN 46385



2050 45th Street
Highland, IN 46322

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The staff at Physiopoint is top notch- lots of personal attention. Matt has a genuine extra nice factor. Aubrey is a pleasure to work with and makes me feel like she cares. If it weren’t for Amy, I wouldn’t have found Physiopoint. After 2.5 years of dealing with an injury, I’m getting it done! Victoria dry needling really helped. Even though she showed me the needle for the first time, I still did it! Nate is super knowledgeable, humble, and helpful with my recovery. I’m grateful he paid attention in class! Physiopoint is the best!"

Michael L.

Crown Point, IN

"I cannot say enough about the professional but incredibly caring people that work at Physiopoint. I have a long journey ahead, but I have no doubt that I am in the right hands. They have helped me tremendously so far and they are the ones I want by my side as I continue this journey toward wellness. Thank you from one healthcare professional to another."

Sally B.

Crown Point, IN

"I can’t recommend PhysioPoint in Highland enough. I’ve been dealing with terrible TMJ issues and had resigned myself to just living with constant pain. In just 3 months, Dave Cobb has helped me achieve about 90% relief, and I have no doubt I will achieve complete relief. Dave is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive in his approach, and he gets amazing results. The PTAs I’ve worked with have been outstanding as well. I’ve mainly worked with Jake and Matt, but the entire staff in Highland has been a pleasure to work with. I’ve done PT at two other places for other issues, but my previous treatment did not compare to the treatment I’ve received at PhysioPoint in Highland. I will never go anywhere else if I need PT."

Shannon S.

Highland, IN

"Great therapy. Very flexible schedules. Friendly and knowledgeable. Will be my go to."

Tony E.

Crown Point, IN

"I'm so grateful for the knowledge of all the team members at Physiopoint.
Dave and Kelsey are really dedicated to their clients. They helped me get back to normal pain-free. Their Clinical Assistants Jake, Bridgett, and Matt, are great! They all have very bright futures ahead of them in the medical field!"

Ronda R.

Highland, IN

"Can’t say enough good things about Dave, Kelsey, brigit, jake, Matt and Bre from the highland location. Not only are they professional but also compassionate and caring about your well being and physical health. I look forward to my sessions and always feel better afterward. I highly recommend physiopoint in highland"

Vickey P.

Highland, IN

"Dr. Dave Cobb and Jacob make a great team over at PhysioPoint in Highland! I would highly recommend 10/10. Going here for your physical therapy, I promise you won’t be disappointed. If I need anymore therapy I will be coming back. Besides the amazing staff the facility is also very clean. You can’t go wrong going here for your physical therapy needs."

Bryan S.

Highland, IN

"When I needed physical therapy to help with some pain, I went back to Physiopoint due to the great outcomes I had with them before. Victoria and Curtis are great; they listened to my symptoms and adjusted my treatment based on my progress. They and the other staff members are wonderful and caring, and I am happy with the results of my treatment."

Cynthia D.

Crown Point, IN

"It was a great experience. The therapist were all so positive and encouraging. I would recommend physiopoint to everyone."

Jami C.

Cedar Lake, IN

"I picked PhysioPoint because it was close to my home. Best knee-jerk decision I've ever made! The team at PhysioPoint really makes you feel as though they are vested in your recovery/rehabilitation. Every professional I've come in contact with was so friendly and kind. Dr. Cobb, Jake and the other team members at Highland work really well together. I love the personalized experience and continued encouragement. If I have to do therapy in the future for some new injury, I'm coming back!"

Rachael W.

Highland, IN

"This is the best physical therapy facility I have ever been in and I have been in quite a few. Everyone in there especially my physical therapist are very very friendly. And if something comes up that I can't make a day they easily reschedule it for another day for me. I know I will need physical therapy again in the future and this is definitely where I will be going"


Highland, IN

"Dave is so professional and healing. He knows exactly where I need the most help and what to do. He explains everything to me and I’m amazed at his knowledge. Not your average physical therapy so much better!"

Judy E.

Crown Point, IN

"I had a herniated disc in my lower back for about a year. I had surgery and was still in pain. I went to PhysioPoint, hoping to get some relief. Blake worked with me and helped me set goals for my recovery. I couldn't have asked for better results. I'm now back in the gym and am able to do what I love again, all thanks to Blake and the team at PhysioPoint!"

Ellie K.

Cedar Lake, IN

"When I first went to PhysioPoint, I worked extensively with Nate, but most recently, I've been working with Emily. Nate's knowledge is endless, his experience spans over 20 years. Emily, is young, eager, and completely dedicated to eliminating the issues. My therapists have eliminated my pain and allowed me to enjoy greater mobility and comfort. The therapy sessions are hard work, but the patient's comfort level is the priority, and the results are remarkable. The patient is handled by a team of professionals who supervise and guide. This team includes clinical aides Christine and Matt, both qualified, skilled, and attentive. My rating is 10 stars."

Margie M.

Cedar Lake, IN

"Everyone at PhysioPoint is professional and courteous. They made my healing journey so much more enjoyable! I have recommended them to family members and friends. My therapist, Victoria, was amazing. She always took great care of me and I noticed progress from the very first weeks. I highly recommend PhysioPoint!"

Deborah C.

Crown Point, IN

"They are fantastic! I was very hesitant to even go to physical therapy. The whole staff was so kind, genuine, and knowledgeable--I looked forward to my appointments. I saw great progress each week and would 1000% recommend to anyone in need of some PT!"

Joshua G.

Crown Point, IN
Healthy family enjoying time together.

Your Body Is Made To Move.

At PhysioPoint, we believe your muscles, joints, and nerves should be challenged in ways that promote positive adaptation. We’ve all heard the negative results of a sedentary lifestyle; tight muscles, stiff joints, and annoying pains. Our treatments will help you move your body so you can enjoy your everyday life.

Your Dedicated Doctor

Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will manage your individualized plan of care from start to finish. Your progress is closely measured and analyzed periodically to help us make slight adjustments to your program to keep you moving and feeling better.

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Every Insurance & Every Patient

We’re committed to working with anyone who finds value in our methods and expertise. And out of principle, we want to serve anyone who needs it. This means we accept all insurances. If we’re not in-network, we offer a discounted cash rate.


We Can Show You How.

Have back, neck, muscle, nerve, or any other pain when you move your body? We have expert doctors of physical therapy who are certified and trained in specific areas for your situation. We can get results for you, and we have a 98% satisfaction rate to prove it.

Our specialized care includes Sports Performance, Orthopedics, Manual Therapy, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Redcord Neurac®, Medical Exercise Therapy, Pilates, and Wellness.


Don’t spend another day in pain, spend it getting better with us!

You’re three steps away from feeling better.

Olympian and doctor of physical therapy Matt Gentry teaching client about the mechanics of the spine during an examination and first visit.

Call to schedule your evaluation

If you’re having symptoms, don’t delay. When left untreated, you could add days or weeks of therapy. During your first visit, we’ll provide a thorough evaluation and begin treatment.

To get the best possible benefit, we love to pick apart your movement on the first visit. This gives us a clear picture of how we can help you start moving and feeling better — in the long run!

Call for an Appointment

Get specialized one-on-one care

You’ll work one-on-one with doctors who are certified and trained to help your specific situation. We’ll provide a customized, tailored treatment plan that may include Orthopedics, Manual Therapy, Trigger Point, Dry Needling, Redcord Neurac®, Medical Exercise Therapy, Sports Performance, Pilates, and Wellness.

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Regular check ups with our doctor of physical therapy will help you maintain the success you gained in physical therapy.

Stay on track

It’s normal after injury or surgery for clients to return for periodic check-ins. It’s similar to check-ups with your dentist, but better conversations! Suffering from weakness, tightness, or alignment issues that predispose you to injury or wear-and-tear? We ensure your body mechanics won’t break down, and we’re happy to find intervals that fit your schedule.


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