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Our Cedar Lake location is a short distance from Munster, Indiana. We would love for you to meet our PhysioPoint team! We will sit and talk you through a one-on-one assessment for your health and wellness needs!

Written Directions to Crown Point PhysioPoint

Follow 30th St to Calumet Ave for 0.2 miles
Head north on Monroe Ave toward 30th St and follow for 79 feet
Next, Turn right at the 1st cross street onto 30th St and follow for 0.2 miles Continue on Calumet Ave. Drive from US-41 S/Wicker Ave to Cedar Lake follow for 13.9 miles
Next, Turn right onto Calumet Ave for 5.0 miles
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto US-30 E/Joliet St and follow for 1.5 miles
Then, Turn right onto Old Lincoln Hwy and follow for 0.6 miles
Take another Turn right onto US-41 S/Indianapolis Blvd/Wicker Ave and Continue to follow US-41 S/Wicker Ave for 7.0 miles, you should pass by advance auto parts on the way.
Turn right and follow for 249 feet
Turn right again and in 85 feet your destination will be on the right

Your Body is Made to Move

At PhysioPoint, we believe your muscles, joints, and nerves should be challenged in ways that promote positive adaptation. We’ve all heard the negative results of a sedentary lifestyle; tight muscles, stiff joints, and annoying pains. Our treatments will help you move your body so you can enjoy your everyday life.

We help alleviate these problems

Back and Neck Pain

Joint Pain

Muscle Pain

Nerve Pain




Sports Injuries

Whiplash Injuries

Work-Related Injuries

Balance and Coordiantion

Muscle Strain

Before and After Surgery Rehabilitation

Tennis Elbow

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Whether you have a doctor's referral or not, we want to help you get back to doing the things you love — pain-free.

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Pain Relief Starts Here and Now!

By working at the causes of pain rather than putting out the fire, you can find relief, become more comfortable, and be freed from the pain cycle. Learn more about how our team of highly qualified therapists with their assessment tools will help you manage your pain – so you can get back to doing what you love.