Pelvic Floor Therapy for Men

Not just for women. Why men should see a pelvic floor physical therapist.

When men suffer from erectile dysfunction, painful urination, frequent & involuntary urination, painful ejaculation, constipation, or pain after having a bowel movement, they often do not consider their pelvic floor as being the culprit. However, the pelvic floor plays a vital role in managing sexual, urinary, and bowel functions.

Keep Organs in Place

The pelvic floor plays is a group of muscles that form the “bottom” of your body’s core. This keeps the organs in place and from dropping out of the pelvis.

Reduce Incontinence

The pelvic floor also is important for the control of the sphincters. This includes the anus and urethra. Weak pelvic floor muscles can result in incontinence – or the inability to hold in urine and/or feces. An over-contracted pelvic floor will make it difficult to make a bowel movement, leading to constipation, or the inability to release urine.

Improve Sexual Function

The third major responsibility of the pelvic floor is sexual function. For men, dysfunction of the pelvic floor can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) or painful ejaculation. There are many other factors that can play into these disorders, but seeing a pelvic floor specialist can alleviate and correct muscles related to healthy sexual function.

Regulate Pressure for Breathing and Core Stability

The pelvic floor is also important for pressure regulation in the body, which can play an important role in breathing and core stability.


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