Growing up in youth sports and even into Division I athletics, I remember starting every wrestling practice with static stretching- touch your toes and “1,2, 3,….10”. TURNS OUT, I WAS DOING IT ALL WRONG. Now working in the physical therapy field in an active community like Crown Point, I often get asked: “Should you stretch … Read more

MUSCULAR DOES NOT EQUAL MASCULINITY A common thing I hear at the gym is that women do not want to lift weights because it will “make them bulky.” In our society particularly, women are expected to look and behave that align with certain standards. Unfortunately, the “lifting weights makes you manly” idea seems to be … Read more

MANY PEOPLE THINK THAT PHYSICAL THERAPY IS ALL ABOUT EXERCISE AND STRENGTHENING MUSCLES. BUT MUSCLE IS ONLY PART OF THE EQUATION. A muscle by itself won’t work unless the nervous system tells it to contract. When a nerve tells a muscle to contract, it isn’t like an on/off switch. Instead, think of the nervous system … Read more