Let’s talk about hydration or water intake. Doctors and healthcare workers preach to their patients to stay hydrated, drink more water, and drink a certain amount of water. Why is staying hydrated so important? Water is one of the body’s most important resources, and keeping your water intake is essential for staying hydrated. Staying hydrated … Read more

We know you hear it all the time. Exercise this, exercise that it’ll help with this, that, and this. The challenge we all face is how we actually get motivated to exercise. For some, reframing the way you think about exercise might be beneficial. The risk of not exercising Most of us don’t want to … Read more

Are you stiff and uncomfortable before, during, and after work? Does your workplace offer the proper accommodations to ensure your safety, comfort, and productivity? Let us introduce you to ergonomics. Enter Ergonomics Ergonomics refers to a scientific discipline that is the process of designing and arranging the workplace to tailor to its employees. The goal … Read more

What is sleep hygiene? Sleep hygiene is the term used to describe good sleep habits, and paying attention to sleep hygiene is one of the most straightforward ways to set yourself up for better sleep. Considerable research has developed a set of guidelines and tips designed to enhance good sleeping, and there is much evidence … Read more

The joys of a family vacation can be overshadowed by the ‘pain’ of hauling excessive luggage, sleeping in a different bed, and extended periods of sitting. Here are our favorite tips to keep you feeling your best while traveling so you can enjoy your destination. TAKE BREAKS WHILE DRIVING Every hour or two, stop and … Read more

Are you among the millions of Americans who have high aspirations for how you’ll spend the extra time during your post-retirement years? Whether you plan to travel the world, pick up fly fishing, spend more time woodworking or sign up for a golf league, your physical fitness level will be a factor. A 2010 study … Read more

Chances are that you probably haven’t thought about how your neck and back are faring in the smartphone era, but studies show that you most certainly should. It’s practically a reflex these days to pull out our smartphones when we’re standing in line, sitting at the airport, or riding the subway. And while it’s great … Read more

You know exercise is important to your health. It helps you feel better physically, gives you energy, and helps you deal with the stress of your busy life. But what do you do when life gets too busy to take an exercise class, go for a run, or get to the gym? It’s easy to … Read more

As an Olympic wrestler, I am fascinated with the concept of mindset and how it can affect outcomes. For example, two people might have the same capabilities, and mindset can be the difference between winning/losing, success/failure, achieving a goal/not, making progress in therapy,/staying in pain. One of my favorite quotes as an athlete was “success … Read more

AT PHYSIOPOINT THERAPY, WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR BETTER WAYS TO SERVE OUR CLIENTS IN THE CROWN POINT AREA. THAT INCLUDES EXPLORING NEW TECHNOLOGIES WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE. To our knowledge, PhysioPoint is one of the first physical therapy clinics anywhere to be using Halo Sport. Halo Sport is an exciting technology that utilizes “Neuropriming,” … Read more