Growing up in youth sports and even into Division I athletics, I remember starting every wrestling practice with static stretching- touch your toes and “1,2, 3,….10”. TURNS OUT, I WAS DOING IT ALL WRONG. Now working in the physical therapy field in an active community like Crown Point, I often get asked: “Should you stretch … Read more

MUSCULAR DOES NOT EQUAL MASCULINITY A common thing I hear at the gym is that women do not want to lift weights because it will “make them bulky.” In our society particularly, women are expected to look and behave that align with certain standards. Unfortunately, the “lifting weights makes you manly” idea seems to be … Read more

MANY PEOPLE THINK THAT PHYSICAL THERAPY IS ALL ABOUT EXERCISE AND STRENGTHENING MUSCLES. BUT MUSCLE IS ONLY PART OF THE EQUATION. A muscle by itself won’t work unless the nervous system tells it to contract. When a nerve tells a muscle to contract, it isn’t like an on/off switch. Instead, think of the nervous system … Read more

When you think about being healthy, you may think about lifting weights or running on a treadmill at a gym. Oftentimes, we forget about important small muscles that support our internal organs and keep our bodily functions working properly. Did you know that a physical therapist can help you with bowel and bladder dysfunction such … Read more

Doctor Matt Gentry explaining the rotator cuff muscle anatomy.

What is the sports performance program currently being introduced at PhysioPoint Therapy in Crown Point with 2x Olympic Wrestler and Doctor of Physical Therapy Matt Gentry? SPORTS PERFORMANCE IS A BROAD CATEGORY AND THIS PROGRAM IS A COMBINATION OF BOTH MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ASPECTS OF SPORTS PERFORMANCE. Olympian/Dr. Matt has a unique perspective, combining the … Read more

I bet you didn’t know physical therapists could help with your Pelvic Floor! Here’s how: 1. PELVIC MUSCLE RETRAINING: Physical therapists are known to treat bone, muscle, joints, ligaments, and tendon issues. Did you know that the pelvic floor consists of these same issues? Just like a muscle in, let’s say, your hip or arm … Read more

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, How to be Great Part 1 – Kobe Bryant, I had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC, for a conference that has left me excited and eager to apply what I have learned. I LEARNED FROM THE THOUGHT LEADERS IN THE AREAS OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS … Read more

While I was away at a conference, I ran across Alan Stein, strength & conditioning and mindset coach for the NBA’s top athletes. He spoke on greatness and how we can be the best at what we choose to do. Alan and I share something in common. We study successful people to see what makes … Read more

As an Olympic athlete, my coaches used to talk a lot about ‘building muscle memory.’ As a doctor of physical therapy at PhysioPoint Therapy in Crown Point, many patients of all ages ask me about similar concepts to improve or return to high school sports, golf, or other hobbies. The term muscle memory is a … Read more

Golf is the greatest sport ever invented! A few aspects that I feel makes golfing great include: Recharge the Batteries: It’s cheaper than a shrink! Get some Fresh Air: You might sleep better! People need People: You get to hang out with 3 of your best friends. Healthy Competition: Feed your competitive drive to get … Read more