Fixing Low Back Pain: the Right Tools Make a Difference!

Fixing Low Back Pain: the Right Tools Make a Difference!

Assisted Range of Motion
Our clinic uses a weight stack with small increments that help us progress you. We also have very light weights in the event we’re going to do something that is “deloaded” or actively assisted. 

We had an interesting case of a stroke patient who couldn’t raise his arm. He went to another facility, a neuro specialty, and they said, “Well, that’s as good as you’re going to be able to get.” That’s because they didn’t have the right tools. So, he came to us and we set him up on a pulley so that it would raise his arm for him, but we had to use the appropriate amount of weight.

If we had used a heavy weight, it would whip his arm into the air, and we certainly couldn’t have that. If we had used too light of a weight, it wouldn’t be able to raise his arm up. So, we found the perfect weight that allowed us to assist him appropriately with what’s referred to as the Active Assisted Range of Motion. He regained better arm function by using the right tool.

Redcord NEURAC (NEURomuscular ACtivation) Method
Redcord Neurac or Redcord Suspension is a revolutionary method of treatment for rehabilitation and muscle training known for its red cord and pulley suspension system. You exercise while suspended in ropes and bungee cords, facilitating muscle activation. It has shown great success, often relieving acute and chronic muscle pain immediately.

We also use Pilates, a mind-body workout incorporating proper breathing, flowing movements, and core conditioning. We use this to build up your core muscles, which helps keep pressure off your back and prevent future injury. Pilates elongates and strengthens while improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Trigger Point Dry Needling
Trigger point dry needling is a procedure in which a solid filament needle is inserted into the skin and muscle directly at a Myofascial trigger point. A Myofascial trigger point consists of multiple contraction knots related to the production and maintenance of the pain cycle. The needling triggers a twitch response which can cause favorable biochemical changes that assist in reducing pain.

We want you to get back to doing the things you love! Using the right tools truly does make all the difference and allows your lower back to get what we call the Physio Difference. 


Call our office and make an appointment today so that you can get back to living!

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