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Understanding Neck Pain: The Physio Difference Unveiled

Your neck is a complex structure responsible for supporting the weight of your head and facilitating crucial movements like turning, tilting, and bending. The importance of a functional neck becomes evident in everyday tasks, from driving and checking blind spots to engaging in group conversations. Neck pain has become increasingly common, often attributed to modern habits like text messaging, leading to the phenomenon known as “text neck.” However, at PhysioPoint, we recognize that neck pain can stem from various sources and demands a comprehensive understanding.

Unraveling the Mystery: Diagnosing Neck Pain with Precision
At PhysioPoint, our approach to neck pain involves meticulous diagnosis. We investigate beyond surface-level causes, exploring underlying issues that might not be immediately apparent. Just as joint hyperflexibility can contribute to pain and discomfort, we recognize the significance of stabilizing the neck. Much like the core muscles in your back, your neck has core muscles too, designed to protect against excessive movement. A strong neck ensures everyday comfort and guards against injuries, whether in contact sports or accidents.

Targeted Exercises: The Power of Chin Tucks
One of the techniques we employ to address neck pain is the chin tuck exercise. By performing this exercise on an incline board, we enhance its effectiveness. Sit up straight or lie on your back, looking straight ahead or up at the ceiling. Place a finger at the base of your chin and gently push your chin backward and upward in a scooping motion. This action creates a temporary double chin and stretches the back of your neck. When done correctly, you’ll feel the tension release.

On an incline board or recliner, this exercise, combined with head lifts (sometimes referred to as “neck sit-ups” or “neckcerises”), stabilizes the neck, preventing the bobblehead movement. By reducing these symptoms in your hands and neck and potentially alleviating headaches, we offer relief tailored to your specific needs.

Tips for Neck Pain Management
Before you leave, here are three quick tips to minimize neck pain in your daily life:

  1. Maintain Eye Level: Position your computer monitor, phone, and books at eye level to reduce strain on your neck.
  2. Lighten Your Load: Avoid heavy shoulder bags that can strain your neck and shoulders.
  3. Choose the Right Pillow: Invest in a pillow that supports your neck in a neutral position while sleeping.


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